Month: June 2017

The Evolution of Fly Tying Materials: Chironomids

While going through some old flyboxes recently I came upon a box with some 15 year old patterns inside. The first chironomid I ever remember tying on was Brian Chan’s RedButt which, by today’s standards, was a very fragile pattern utilizing floss, pheasanttail, gold tinsel and peacock herl to create a very effective pattern but one that would not stand up to the gnashing teeth of aggressive trout. I first starting tying chironomids back in the mid ’90′s and the choice of materials available was very limited and if my memory serves me well the only durable material was...

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Wine Killer Leech Pattern

Developing a Go-To Leech. Whether you buy or tie, eventually your knowledge will evolve to a level where you can recognize a productive pattern long before it hits the water. You will learn to identify the importance of size, color and animation and how they trigger the attack mechanisms in trout or whatever species you are targeting. As a fly tyer and developer of new and innovative patterns I can only hope that conditions will be perfect when I embark on the inaugural trip for a new pattern. If conditions are less than ideal chances are that the new...

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